I am the luckiest

You can debate the pros and cons of social networking all day long, but one thing is for sure – Facebook truly makes a person feel the birthday love. Thank you all for the very kind well wishes as I turned 33 yesterday. (you made the day a little less painful – ha!) But seriously, you know you’re old when you start making jokes about being old. Or when your friends joke, “Happy birthday! You don’t look a day over 25.” Then you’re really screwed.

But in all seriousness, it was one of the best birthday weekends in recent memory – starting with using my Groupon for a Brazilian Keratin Treatment from Montana Salon and Day Spa. Yes ladies, it’s really true – you too can have awesome, sleek, smooth hair you only see in magazines! (umm, am I on QVC right now?) I moseyed home feeling like a supermodel. Later I was surprised with 2 tickets to see Ben Folds perform with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra from my husband. Before the show, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant in Larimer Square downtown Denver called Tamayo where I had the seared rare big-eye tuna dish and a mojito. The Ben Folds show was incredible – especially the song, “I am the Luckiest” which sums up how I feel about my life overall. I’ve been a fan of Ben’s music since the early 90s and regularly blared his tunes from my freshman dorm room. Dorm mates would holler down the hall at me, “What the hell kind of music IS that?” Ben referred to his music as a “a slightly more rock and roll version of gay show tunes” during the concert, which sounds about right.  My husband and I agreed it was one of the best shows we’ve ever seen – and we are live music junkies, so that’s a big nod to Mr. Folds. Well done, sir.

For my actual birthday, gift #1 was getting to sleep in ’till 9:30. Anyone with children understands the delicacy of sleeping past 7am, so I’ll just leave it at that. We had a family breakfast at our local Starbucks and then I received gift #2, a new digital camera. (the old one bit the dust after a recent collision with the pavement) After nap time we headed to our local pumpkin patch to get our family pumpkin for Halloween. Miles was highly involved in the process, examining the stems and earth surrounding all the pumpkins we considered. According to him, the dirt surrounding the pumpkin had to taste just right…gross. After finding our perfect pumpkin, we headed home for a relaxing evening at home, me and my boys. My husband is an incredible cook, and he whipped up some Cuban fare, chicken & spinach with an illegal amount of garlic.

Weekends like these remind me what life is all about: music, food, drink, family and LOVE.

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