EcoSystem of Change

Many times over the past decade, folks have reached out to me asking, “How do I start a business or organization that changes the world?”  It’s a good question, and you’ll be relieved to know that launching or growing something isn’t so hard if you have a framework for success.

I’ve been working on an e-book for about a year that I call the EcoSystem of Change. I’m very close to being finished – woo hoo! This e-book will take you through the 12 steps for building an organization that makes a social impact in your life, your work, your community and in our world. It’s a simple, effective guide for social entrepreneurs, volunteers, corporate employees or really anyone wanting to leave this planet a little bit better than we found it.

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It’s best explained via the animated video below, followed by a short segment from a speech I gave a few weeks ago at the 2012 Conscious Capitalism Conference. Hope you dig it, and please post on your fave social networks if you think it might help or inspire someone…

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