Be President of Your Life

Today our nation will determine what man will lead our country for the next four years. Regardless the outcome, I propose we all declare ourselves as President of our own lives.

OK friends, it’s Truthy Time with Weed…

Recently I was rushed to the ER for the first time in my life. It was for pain (in my stomach area) worse than unmedicated childbirth.  For weeks I’ve had a cough, have been losing my voice on and off, accompanied by other cold/flu symptoms depending on the day. I am always tired.

I got tested for every condition and disease you can think of – all negative. Granted we have an infant who is not yet sleeping through the night, and it would be easy to blame her for this overall exhaustion. Sure, that’s a contributing factor.

But she’s not the problem. I am.

I was sent home from the ER with no diagnosis. And at the follow-up appointment with my family doctor, I was diagnosed with FATIGUE.

Fatigue? Wow. That’s like, a real thing?

OH SNAP. My body just gave me the middle finger.

My body said to me, “Hey asshole, you need to pay attention to me.”  I’m gettin’ all Sybil up in here, and schooling my SELF. I can almost hear the voices…

I’m aware the pace of my life has baffled some people, having kids and being an entrepreneur, in addition to my volunteer work and writing. While I’m sure some of you are thinking ‘I told you so’ – I assure you I’m not trying to be a superhero. It’s just how I’ve always been. I work my balls off – and I’m now realizing it’s simply out of habit…and no longer sustainable.

Today, I cast my ballot for MYSELF. I am pressing the re-set button on this Administration. I welcome you to join me.

If your habits, your life pace or your manic schedule need assessment, hop on this train. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, let’s do this. If you say ‘yes’ too much, it’s time to start the meter in the ‘no’ taxi. If you have too many projects accompanied by a constant feeling of being behind – or if you have any anxiety for any reason at all – it’s time. Before the holiday madness. Before new years resolutions.

If things are not working NOW, then it’s time to set some BOUNDARIES. With people. With work. With kids. With thoughts. With money. With sleep. With ego.

Pressing re-set doesn’t mean we curl up in bed, call in sick and disappear from the planet. I’m thinking of this as house cleaning. You don’t burn the damn place down just because it has too much clutter. You simply take the time to clear out what you don’t need, give a good scrubbing to what you choose to keep and do a little re-arranging and prettying up when you’re all done. Maybe treat yourself to a fun shopping trip to Target afterwards!

So sit down, get truthy with yourself and write on a piece of paper what’s just not working for you anymore. And remember, you’re Commander in Chief. What you say, goes.

Feel free to comment below with your list. I have a sneaking suspicion many of us probably have similar gripes…

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  • Erin Weed

    I’ll start with the “what’s not working for me” list: Political ads. Unnecessary meetings. Working ’til midnight. TMZ and Missing yoga. The voices of people on NPR.

  • ilyse kazar

    What’s not working:

    1. Putting my desire for a late-life bachelors degree ahead of my sanity, ability to pay bills, and overall well-being. (President Me says: Higher ed can be stretched out over time. This degree will be useless in terms of employment or any other kind of stress-reducing security anyhow.)

    2. Becoming the boundary-less go-to woman for childcare, for single moms in the neighborhood because they know i am home (never mind that I am home trying to work, research, read, write), even when it is not an emergency for them (or is an emergency of their own making because they did not practice due diligence when it comes to making plans for their children). I raised two kids completely on my own in this same neighborhood and never dumped them on anyone. Never. It is really not working for me to get kids dumped on me, then.

    3. Trying to pretend that my mid-middle-aged body does not have a decaying painful spine and some medical issues.

    4. Letting my 19 yr old get away with doing essentially nothing, and I mean nothing, to help out around here (though “what consequences can I impose” is an eternally nagging question since I can’t exactly kick her out … this one may take some time to figure out & work through)

  • ilyse kazar

    one more:

    5. Letting survivor’s guilt after this hurricane, and my relative inability to help out in any way, and my grief for mother earth, just eat and eat and eat at me. A new policy must be instituted on this point, starting now.

    thank you.

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