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 I help people clarify their   purpose, simplify their   message and amplify their   impact. 

Hi, I'm Erin! I'm a writer, artist, speaker and message strategist who's focused on authenticity, purpose, expression and communication. 

My foundational method for helping leaders speak and live their truth is called The Dig. This is a method where you tell your life story, and I distill your purpose down to a unique operating system and just ONE WORD.

I developed The Dig back in 2012, as a method to help TED speakers distill big truths into short talks. But very quickly, I started to see the process was more significant than just speech development.

I believe every person is born with a purpose, and it's our life mission to remember what that is. The Dig helps you excavate your truth and re-align your life, your work and your message with it.

So how did I get here? 

When I was 22, my dear friend and sorority sister, Shannon McNamara, was murdered at Eastern Illinois University. This tragedy motivated me to launch Girls Fight Back (GFB), which produces women's safety seminars at schools across the world. 

Between 2001-2013, I was in the spotlight as a leading women's safety and violence prevention expert. I wrote books, was a columnist for CosmoGirl, was an expert on live TV shows, scaled GFB internationally and spoke to over 1 million people at live events. 

But as successful as I was, I always felt a little unclear of my bigger "why". I had a huge platform - but what was I really trying to say? I was constantly seeking answers, and wasted too much time and energy feeling unclear and acting indecisively. 

The Dig helped me understand my purpose, to name it and claim it, so that I could share it with others. It hyper-simplified what I'm here to do, so I could integrate it into my life and words with ease and power.

After I sold GFB in 2013, I knew sharing The Dig with others was my calling. Today I work with individuals, partners, teams and companies including Google, Facebook, NFL Super Bowl champions and University of Colorado to support those who are ready to deeply root themselves in truth, in everything they say and do.


I take great pride in being a trusted vault for the some of the world's most transformational leaders, and I hope to meet you soon. 


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Curious about why I do what I do? Watch my Interview with Jonathan Fields for the Good Life Project.





Erin sees one layer deeper than a person's perspective of herself. She holds up a mirror to a soul and shows her what the world sees. Erin empowered me to gain true clarity into what makes me special, unique, and powerful. Thank you for seeing me.  For helping me find my voice. For tearing down long-held beliefs that are untrue. Healing. Forgiving. For making me uncomfortable. And helping me reconcile that I. AM. ENOUGH.

- Jasmine Star


We can all agree that words hold immense power. When you Dig, you find YOUR word. The one word whom you have hovered around that captures your spirit, ambition, and perspective in this world. I use my Dig Word in broadcasting, speaking, parenting and networking. Everywhere I am I use what I learned from Erin to go beyond. 

- Ryan Harris



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