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 and express a
message that matters 

Get Clear  >  Feel Confident  >  stay Connected

Being human is complicated

  but excavating who you are and what you  
  have to say doesn't have to be  


 hey there, 

 i'm erin. 

Twenty years ago I was the Founder and CEO of Girls Fight Back! - a violence prevention education company I started after my college friend was murdered. 

I know what it's like to have a complex story to tell with lots of facts, feelings and beliefs about it. All that passion and content can feel overwhelming.

I learned that the more clear I got, the more confident I felt. This helped me feel authentic, and really connect with people.

After I sold GFB in 2012, I created a method for TEDx speakers to get epic clarity on WHO they are, WHAT they stand for and HOW to express it in a short amount of time. 


It's called The Dig®.

Since then, I've worked with over 1,000 leaders from across the globe to share their story, discover their unique operating system and distill it down to simple words.

So before you grow that brand, give that talk, write that book or lead that cause...

Grab a shovel first, and let's excavate your unique style of awesome. 

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 Over 1,000 graduates 

 in the past 10 years 

  speakers | authors | entrepreneurs | academics | executives  


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