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let's clarify your purpose

so you can amplify your message.

Create your very own custom Message Ecosystem® during this step-by-step workshop.

DECEMBER 6 - 8, 2023


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People call me the Message Midwife

My education and early career were spent working in communications and PR. But after the murder of my college sorority sister in 2001, I founded an organization that taught women's safety and empowerment called Girls Fight Back!

Over the 12 years I built GFB, we received countless success stories of women who saved their own lives from applying what they learned from my seminars. It became very clear that words spoken authentically really can change the world. 

After empowering over ONE MILLION women at live events, plus writing a book and doing hundreds of media appearances - I sold the company. 

Since then I’ve worked as a Message Midwife to 1,000+ entrepreneurs, executives, authors and teachers to help them give life to their words in a simple way that resonates.
My goal is to help you attain EPIC CLARITY of who you are, what you stand for and how to communicate it effortlessly.

I believe everyone is a channel for awesomeness, and eveyrone has a unique voice the world needs to hear. Many people who find me feel compelled to share something, even if they aren't 100% sure what it is yet. (and that's totally OK!) 

My simple, 3-step process will help you unearth your "why", craft a compelling message and share it with the world. We take all the content from your entire life story and distill it to a one-word frequency that will be a north star as you express your truth.

My one word? AUTHENTIC. 

What's yours?



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