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Hey, I'm Erin...thanks for stopping by.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I wanted to be Wonder Woman...and had the underoos to prove it. I mean, she had a lasso of truth and an invisible jet! And she was always on a crusade for the safety and well-being of humanity.

After college I worked at a public relations firm, did public affairs for a Chicago zoo and ran media relations for a children's hospital. Later I moved to New York City and produced documentaries and reality TV shows. (a strange juxtaposition, I know...)


For as long as I can remember, I was playing in traffic at the intersection of truth + communication, for the greater good.

At age 23, I started Girls Fight Back (GFB), which produces entertaining violence prevention assemblies at high schools and colleges. I launched it after the death of my sorority sister, Shannon McNamara (picturedat right), who was murdered in her college apartment in 2001. 


Shannon is my heroine. Her brave fight for her life in her own apartment opened my eyes to the dark side of humanity. But I've always been conscious about staying in the light and finding the silver linings. I believe the messiness in life can also become our messages...and those words can help so many people. 

GFB seminars have reached millions of people at live events worldwide. Our team of international speakers gave seminars in the USA, India and Pakistan. I wrote a book called Girls Fight Back: The College Girl's Guide to Protecting Herself, and also wrote a recurring column for CosmoGirl magazine.


I sold GFB in 2013 to a Los Angeles talent agency, and remain an advisor today.

My next endeavor was coaching speakers for TED and TEDx. Soon my clients started going viral. I realized my unconventional process to clarify their purpose, simplify their message and amplify their truth was resonating.


This unique method for unearthing your purpose and distilling it down to just one word is called The Dig Method. Later I realized it had a much wider application than helping people craft amazing talks. It was a process for helping people to express their truth in all areas of life.

Today I work with companies including Google, University of Colorado and CableLabs. With almost 20 years experience as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and communications professional, I've been a midwife to hundreds of folx to share their authentic self with the world.


These days I'm still a wannabe Wonder Woman, and have been known to show up at random Starbucks dressed up in my best Linda Carter (watch my TEDx talk to get the joke). Because really, we can't take ourselves too seriously...and we all deserve to feel like a superhero once in awhile. 

If you're ready to unearth your purpose and turn it into words, I'm here to help. 

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