Growing up, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.

And I had the underoos to prove it. Why the WW obsession? Well, she used her power for good. She had a badass invisible jet. She had secret weapons like a Lasso of Truth, indestructible bracelets AND a tiara!


These days I don’t sport underoos, but I do bring my truthy badassery to work every day.

My entire career has been playing in traffic at the intersection of truth and communication. After college I worked at a public relations firm, did public affairs for a Chicago zoo and ran media relations for a children's hospital.


Later I moved to New York City and produced documentaries and reality TV shows. (a strange juxtaposition, I know...)

At age 23, I started Girls Fight Back (GFB), which produces entertaining violence prevention assemblies at high schools and colleges. I launched it after the murder of my college friend, Shannon McNamara, who was killed in her off-campus apartment in 2001.

GFB seminars reach millions of people at live events worldwide. Our team of international speakers gave seminars in the USA, India and Pakistan. I wrote a book called Girls Fight Back: The College Girl's Guide to Protecting Herself, and also wrote a recurring column for CosmoGirl magazine.


During the 12 years I ran GFB, I learned so much as a speaker, author, media figure and public leader. I use that experience as a guide for the work I do today, in helping leaders show up vulnerably and powerfully, so we can connect authentically.

I sold GFB in 2013 to a Los Angeles talent agency, and remain an advisor today.

My next endeavor was coaching speakers for TED and TEDx, and my speaker clients started going viral. All my clients begin with a  process called The Dig, which extracts your life story and distills your purpose and message down to just one word. 


For the past 7 years, I’ve been working with people and companies to seek their purpose and speak their truth. I love helping people discover their authentic purpose, then share their message with the world.

I work with companies including Google, University of Colorado and CableLabs. With 18+ years experience in communications, I've coached hundreds of folks to share their message, totaling millions of online views. 

The Dig is at the root of my success. The method has helped create speeches, launch brands, strategize organizations, kick off campaigns, develop individuals and build morale among teams. The outcome is EPIC CLARITY of who we are and what need to communicate.


I live and work in my dream town, Boulder, Colorado. I have two awesome kids and one awkward French bulldog with a massive underbite. I'm a visual artist, and have an art studio in Denver where I show paintings I create from people's life stories shared during The Dig.

And every once in awhile, you can still catch me in a Wonder Woman costume.

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