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your purpose

We begin with a process called The Dig. You share your life story - I'll excavate your unique operating system. Finally we'll distill your truth down to just ONE WORD. Digging provides epic clarity of who you are, and what you stand for.

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your message

Your Dig Word represents your truth, and your truth is your message! Your core message should be as unique as you are. We will simplify it so you can fully embrace your purpose and integrate it into a strategy. 

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your impact

Clarity of your truth turns into confidence to share it, and I'll help you create the words to honestly express yourself - for both the spoken or written word. I'll also help you own your authentic leadership style and brand.



Most leaders find themselves in a situation where they need to speak publicly. This could be a TEDx talk, virtual presentation, pitch or media interview. 


Speaker School will take you through all the steps to craft an authentic talk that is based in your unique truth and message...and totally resonates with your audience. 

You will learn how to dig your purpose, discover your content, develop your storyboard, draft your script, design your slides and deliver your talk. 

If you are a speaker who wants public speaking as part of your business - we can also determine your thought leadership strategy and deploy your message via speaker marketing and speaking sales. 

Speaker School can be purchased as an online course as an individual, or it can be facilitated for your group or company by Erin as a live training.





Does your team need to connect with one another? Are you looking for the ultimate icebreaker exercise? Do you want your people to be able to authentically click with people, in a very short amount of time?

If so, Head-Heart-Core (HHC) might be for you. Taught as a 90-minute workshop, the goal is group cohesion and relatability. All workshops are conducted virtually and there is no limit on the amount of people. 

Workshops are customized to your company's end goals, and we can facilitate specific team brainstorming using HHC as a tool. This workshop is a regular feature across Google offices worldwide, as well as universities, non-profits and sales teams.

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