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The Dig is a foundational process that will never need to be repeated, but can easily be integrated into your life, work and message.


Everyone starts with one half-day session, and Erin may recommend additional sessions depending on your goals. 

Come prepared to share your life story, and Erin will excavate your life-long patterns and themes. Together you will distill them into your unique operating system - less than 10 words that highly influence how you think, act and communicate.


One of the words within your Operating System will be your one Dig Word - you get to choose! Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that it chooses you. :) 


You will walk away from the 1:1 experience with a custom Dig Report, so that this work can inform your future decisions and communications. You'll also receive a follow-up Integration Session (60-min). 


Choose to meet in-person (Boulder) or on Zoom
1 half-day (3 hours) session with Erin

Audio/Video Recording of your sessions

Written transcripts of your sessions

Written Dig Report w/ notes + next steps




Leaders who have something to say

Seeking overall life/message clarity

Influencers or thought leaders wanting more confidence

Needs to give a speech or write a book

Wanting to up-level and curious what's next

Desiring a deeper connection to one's truth

 what's included? 

 who's this for? 

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