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Message Ecosystem

Let's plant your message during a half-day strategy session, based on your truth and with an intention for it to thrive. We'll strategize what your message is, creatively develop it and determine an actionable plan getting it heard, sustainably.


  • Get clarity of your core message

  • Excavate your best, most relevant content 

  • Identify your big Universal Truth

  • Create your message Storyboard

  • Develop your Slinky Speech (a time-flexible talk)

  • Map out your Message Ecosystem (how you'll get heard)

  • Monetize your message thru speaking, books + media

This session includes a written report with your visual Message Ecosystem, to guide your communications going forward.

Book a free consultation below to determine your goals and how many strategy sessions you'll need. Or if you're ready to sign up now, you can also schedule it below. Your Investment: $2,500