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the five steps

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a custom, private


The Dig Experience is totally custom, and 100% private and confidential. 

During our time together, you will share your entire life story. From it, Erin will pull out your life-long patterns and themes and distill them into your unique operating system.


Your operating system is set to repeat your entire life and career. It is also the nucleus of your core message.


When we consciously SEE and NAME it - you can achieve clarity. From within the Operating System we will determine your one Dig Word. 


You will walk away with a custom Dig Report, so that this work can inform your future decisions and communications. It's a foundational process that will never need to be repeated.


You will also receive a follow-up Integration Session, where you will integrate your Dig outcomes and plan next steps. All sessions are recorded and transcribed. 

Your investment: $3,000

 What's Included: 
1 half-day Dig Session with Erin Weed (via Zoom)

1 one-hour Integration Session (via Zoom)

Sessions take place from 10am-1pm MT

Recording of your sessions

Written transcripts of your sessions

Written Dig Report w/ notes + next steps

Access to my Referral Network for implementation

 How it Works: 

Excavate your Life Story + Content

Identify your Truth Words

Find your Operating System

Discover your Dig Word

Integrate results with your life, work + message

 Who it's for: 
Leaders who have something to say

Seeking overall life/message clarity

Needs to give a speech or write a book

Navigating a life or work transition

Wanting to up-level and curious what's next

This process is for people who are willing to dig deep, get real and have a drive to be a more authentic leader. The experience is a blend of both personal and professional development.

pricing is for individuals only - for partners or teams please contact us

additional private sessions are available to strategize your message

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