I'm here to help you unearth your truth, and share it with the world. Here are 3 ways we can work together...



All new clients start with The Dig. During The Dig, we'll identify your bigger life purpose, and how that translates to the message you have to share. You can do The Dig, even if you do not need message strategy or speech development work - it's a great foundation for personal clarity and professional growth. Contact me here about doing The Dig.


You also may consider applying to Evoso Academy, if you want to speak professionally and get video of you speaking at Evoso Live. This is an intensive, customized 3-month program for a small number of people who want to work with me and my team personally on developing their talk. Contact me here about applying to Evoso Academy.


hour-long sessions, half-day sessions, project work or monthly retainers in the following areas...

Message Strategy

My strategic planning process for messengers is called the Message Ecosystem. Learn how to integrate your message into all aspects of your career, business, writing, consulting, etc. Tying them all together makes this work sustainable, connected and financially successful.

Content Discovery

I'll excavate your best content by simply interviewing you. Just talk about what you know, and I'll capture your brilliance. We'll identify your most relevant ideas, discern what stays and goes, and how to categorize everything so you can find your unique message flow.


Storyboard Development

Now it's time to take your best content, and build a storyboard that visually illustrates your talk. We will find the arc of your talk, and design the flow so you take your audience on a ride. The storyboard becomes the frame for your "slinky speech" - a talk that can be long, short or easily customized.


Script Writing

Once the storyboard is complete, it's time to write it out. You will learn how writing a speech script is VERY different from other kinds of writing, and how to integrate humor and master transitions. We will "speechify" your text so it lands on an audiences' ears effortlessly.

Slide Design

Slides should serve the role as being the visual story of your talk. Your visual story can make your talk or send your audience into a dark abyss of boredom, so let's create images in a way that inspires connection. I oversee the slide design process, but engage slide designers to do the actual work.


Speech Delivery

We'll get you feeling confident in your appearance, your movements and your words. You'll also learn how to remember the content, manage anxiety, find your flow in front of an audience and make the stage your happy place. (even if it freaks you out now!) 


The Business of Speaking Professionally

Learn the tactical steps for building your speaking business, branding it and getting booked to speak. I'll help you market and sell your speaking services, so you can generate impact and income. This may include building speaking into your existing business, or working with agents and bureaus.