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 work one-on-one with erin weed 

Ready to get epic clarity of your purpose and message?

You'll share your life story and we'll distill your life purpose down a unique operating system. This is also your core message, which is the foundation for everything.

We'll mine your best stories, lessons, truths and content and put them into a storyboard, which becomes your Slinky Speech. (a flexible message you can apply to anything.)

The final step is sharing this purpose-driven message with others. During this session we'll develop your Message Ecosystem to sustainably expand your impact. 


People wanting to discover their bigger "why" and "how" so they can align their life, work and message with it.

People wanting to creatively craft the flow of their speech, book, course or other communications project.

People wanting to grow their thought leadership business as a pro speaker, author, expert or media figure.


Life Story Download

Individual Operating System

Your One Truth Word

Content Capturing

Custom Message Strategy

Storyboard of your Message

Messenger Identity

Message Ecosystem

Implementation Strategy

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