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#1: Hire me as a speaker to lead a Head-Heart-Core® workshop.

I lead a workshop that helps audiences identify and communicate their truth in a short amount of time. It's called the Head-Heart-Core workshop, and it's been experienced across many small teams, large companies.

#2: Sign up for a Private Intensive of The Dig®

The Dig is a private, custom experience. During 2 sessions you will share your life story and I will excavate your unique operating system. Together you'll distill your truth down to just one word and apply your results to your life and work. I work with people online or in-person at my studio in Boulder, CO. 

#3: Engage me for consulting projects or coaching 


I work with individuals and companies on the following:


  • Purpose Discovery

  • Message Strategy 

  • Speech Development (TED talks, Pitches, Slinky Speeches)

  • Public Leadership Coaching 

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